Elodie Maître is a director, videographer and photographer. Born in France in 1980, she lives in Paris. The red thread of her not so linear route is her passion for the Image and the questions which are connected to it.

After university studies in performing arts, cinema and broadcasting, she entered l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie (Arles, France). Her transdisciplinary work transdisciplinary (photography, art-video and performance) questions in particular the place of humans in the space/time and that of the images in the contemporary society. She obtained an European Master’s degree in Photography, in 2006.

She works as director, camerawoman and editor on various documentary and institutional films. Parallel to her professional activity, she pursues her artistic researches in photography and art-video by hoping to bind these two activities in the near future.

She was the cinematographer of the Kenji Yoshida funeral footage, bringing the film to a poignant conclusion.




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