Artist of the Soul is a celebration of the life and work of the great Japanese artist, Kenji Yoshida, who had the distinction of being the only artist to have been given a solo exhibition at the British, and who dedicated his entire oeuvre to the promotion of peace. It also explores the fact that, despite his central position in the international art scene, he remains relatively unknown in his motherland, Japan. It was given an unprecedented screening at UNESCO, in October 2008, at Yoshidas testimonial exhibition, Vie Et Paix.


A de force  by director Ishmael Annobil, Artist of the Soul captures the essence of Yoshida's spirituality; his natural pathos for humanity, and Shinto beliefs, which he managed to interface successfully with other world religions, thus crystallising his life-long interest in prayer as a conduit of higher communication. It also establishes his fervent aversion to artistic categories.


WRITER/PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Ishmael Fiifi Annobil; CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ishmael Annobil (Ghana), Abiy Mamo (Ethiopia), Dave Butler (England), Merethe Rosvold (Norway); EDITOR (S): Damian Kwasnik, Merethe Rosvold, Dave Butler, Francesco Caradonna, Silvia Biagioni and Hannah Newman-Smart | MOTION GRAPHICS: Tristan Nieto; MUSIC: Joji Hirota (Japan); SOUND POST: Tate Post Vanesa Tate (Argentina) and Dominique Devoucoux (France). 2ND UNIT PRODUCER AND DIRECTOR: Vanessa Cornier; 2ND UNIT CINEMATOGRAPHY: Elodie Maitre.


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