Kenji Yoshida - Artist of the Soul,  a documentary feature by London film collective Stonedog Productions received the rare honour of premiering at UNESCO on 12 October 2008. Though still in post-production, the film, the first ever about the legendary Japanese artist and former Kamikazi pilot opened to dignitaries from all over the world during a testimonial exhibition in honour of Kenji Yoshida, Vie Et Paix.


Stonedog managed to cut an express version for the occasion, having enlisted the refined skills of sound engineer/designer Vanesa Tate. Kenji Yoshida-Artist of the Soul screened till the end of October in UNESCO's  great Hall Segur, to popular acclaim. Music is by legendary Japanese Drummer, Joji Hirota.


In her opening speech, Katerina Stenou, UNESCO's Director of the Division of Cultural Policy and Intercultural Dialogue, said "The power of art to draw us back to the basics of life - which are often eclipsed by ephemeral concerns - constitutes the orginality of Kenji Yoshida's work."







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