Shan-Ming (Sammi) Ling is a violinist, composer and sound designer. Born in Taiwan, she trained as a violinist at Fu Jen Catholic University. She accomplished her Masters in Music Technology at University of York, in 2008. Her audio post-production work focuses passionately on audio/visual approaches, research and composition, and sound design.

Before coming to Britain, she taught violin and piano for seven years at the prestigious Yamaha Music Centre, Taipei, Taiwan, and was also a concert musician for 15 years. In 2007, she produced a CD for Heslington anniversary celebration event at York, acting as a recording engineer.

In 2008, she finished the audio post-production for three short films: Vent, Cutting and Tale of How. She composes diverse genres of music including classical, Rock, electronic music, etc. In sound post, she specializes in foley, sound mixing, ADR. She has recently finished composing the film sound for the comedies, Hope For Pinok and Lullaby.



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