This is a trailer/preview of Stonedog's on-going film about Shamanism, which was inspired by Director Dasha Redkina's stay with a Siberian Shaman a few years ago. This film promises to be the most profound, objective survey of Shamanism every made.

Produced by Ishmael Annobil / Directed by Dasha Redkina / Art Direction by Marisa Rinaldi / Filmed and Edited by Fionn McSherry and Ishmael Annobil / Sound by Marco Iavarone & Nikos Nikolalaios / Music by Ishmael Annobil and Dasha Redkina
Executive Produced by Stonedog Productions


NB: *The train footage running through this promo was shot by Dasha Redkina during her first visit to Lake Baikal. The photograhy used in this promo are for illustrative purposes only and are not necessarily owned or claimed as owned by Stonedog Productions. This is an on-going project.


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