George Adams grew up in the city of Kingston Upon Hull in East Yorkshire. From a young age, his infatuation with moving images on the screen and their ability to tell stories has led to his love of Cinema and Documentary. Fascinated by Russian Montage Cinema and the work of Cinema Vérité and French New Wave directors in particular, he developed a particular penchant for the craft of editing and it’s potential to create meaning and reinforce or distort reality. 

Since his early teens, he has had his heart set on working in the film industry. From working as a runner on film sets and at ENVY Post in London for a short period, to his work as a sports Videographer and Editor for Hull City football club, he has continued to develop new skills and gain experience that have been invaluable in helping him to progress in his career.

He recently worked as an Assistant Editor at Goldcrest on You’re The Stranger Here, a Cinema Extreme/New Cinema Fund short, and is currently working as a freelance Editor and Assistant Editor. Having worked on promos and featurettes, he is now looking forward to spanning out into documentary and feature film. He is a hardworking working individual who has a high level of attention to detail and will always put 100 percent into any project.