CONRAD PETERS is an actor, producer and trainer. Having had a successful career at a major UK bank for over twenty years, Conrad took voluntary redundancy in 2001 to run his own training and development consultancy. He took his MSc in Training at University of Leicester.


In tandem with running his consultancy, he reignited his passion for acting and over the last four years he has devoted his energies to pursuing his dreams. Undeterred by the challenges of the profession, Conrad embraces opportunities to bring him closer to his craft. 


Since 2010 Conrad has been a cornerstone of Stonedog, where enjoys the opportunity to perform new material, while trying his hand at directing and producing highly original concepts. 


Noted for his  powerful and consummate acting skills, Conrad has played in numerous films, notably as Conrad Murray (Physician) in Renegade Pictures’ Michael Jackson  Reconstruction documentary; as Khaled (Bodyguard), in Mathew Hope's feature, The Veteran; and as Orfeo in Stonedog’s feature, Salamander Walks, which was written for him by Ishmael Annobil. 


He was Co-Executive Producer on Salamander Walks, and was an exceptionally resourceful Associate Producer on Hornsleth : Product of Love.


Conrad is also an avid singer and sportsman, and a natural enabler of people. 


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