Marco Iavarone is a Sound Recordist, Sound Designer and Musician born in Rome 1977. Moved to London in 2001 and has trained intensively on various sound roles after finishing a Music Technology Degree at Thames Valley University. In 2006, he worked as a Sound Assistant at Clear Cut Pictures Post-Production facility, mixing, editing and dubbing for TV, using Pro-tools systems. He was one of the soundmen on the epic Joji Hirota video shoot at Proud Camden, and on the documentary Hornsleth: Product of Love.

While at Clear Cut, he also worked on various projects, including a 5.1 Surround Sound Installations using computer processed images (Glympse of You, which showed at Shunt Lounge and Theater Company-London/UK), Mastering and Engineering the album Dreams Made of Paper by Arbol (Lejosdiscos), sound design and music for 3D animation Orchid (ACTOP) which showed at Art Futura 2007, and also his own solo project Misound, releasing the Album Stanze Di Te with Japanese Label Slow Flow Records. He also mastered Ishmael Annobil's debut album Zingliwu.

His passion for Film and TV finally took a definite turn in 2007 when he started working as a Freelance Sound Recordist/Designer together with his work partner Nikos Nikolalaios (also a Stonedogger). His work includes Una mattina di Dicembre, a  documentary on the 1985 terrorist attack at Fiumicino airport in Rome (a GA&A Productions in collaboration with RAI-TV channel), and Core Film with BAFTA award winner director Rachell Tillotson (currently part of the Guiding Light Art Councils' scheme).