Francesco Caradonna was born on 4th June 1979 in Taranto, a wonderful two-seas-three-bridges-town in South Italy. He was obsessed early by the world of images, writing metaphors in the form of short poems. Years later a friend gave him a Nikon FE and he discovered the poetry of photography and soon those metaphors froze into images. He has exhibited his photography extensively.

After University, he devoted all his entire time to a little cellar without bathroom where he was initiated into the video editing: those still images started moving, and it was love at first sight, leading to his becoming totally addicted to the editing language and grammar.

With seven years of experience on his young shoulders, having worked in the most interesting italian post production and production house, and with two long stints in New York City and Kingston, Jamaica, his strong love for this dark art made him comfortable enough to embrace  new challenges and new projects, including directing short films and reportages.

His work for Stonedog includes co-editing Ishmael Annobil's In the Presence of Awe: The Transvangarde, for which he crafted a memorable promo, and co-editing Kenji Yoshida: Artist of the Soul. His personal films include the very otherworldly Untitled#700 (

One of the most refined editors of our time, and a superb photographer, Francesco Caradonna works as a freelance editor in London and he is, proudly, a stonedogger.