Ricardo Pujol is a sound engineer, music producer and sound designer born in 1989 in Caracas, Venezuela. He discovered music at the early age of 8, when he started composing his own music with the help of a digital 4 octaves keyboard. He soon learned to play the guitar, drums, Ableton Live performing and took up computer composition. His musical taste encompasses all forms and genres.

At the tender age of 15 he sold his first song to a South African Producer, which inspired him to delve deeper into the music production business. At the age of 16 he moved to Santiago, Chile where he started his freelance career in Sound Engineering, working with independent artists and providing sound engineering and design for short films.

This versatile producer is able to compose from orchestral music to  chill out, from  latin folk to heavy metal, from experimental sound design to comic jingles, passing through almost any style. He likes to use sound and music to give a realistic and emotional environment to different situations.

Ricardo is Stonedog's latest member, and he takes over the sound fixes and design on our documentary Kenji Yoshida - Artist of the Soul. He is also chalked up to do composition and sound design for Stonedog's forthcoming features and documentaries, including The Symposium, Drosophila, and Icarus.

He currently works remotely from Chile, but it is hoped that he moves to London in the near future.